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Sell Gold Scraps the Right Way

Gold market to a great extent thrives on the supply of scrap gold or recycled gold. Supply of scrap gold increases when the price of gold increases, and also in times of financial distress. People sell gold scraps to make a profit from it. Scrap gold includes gold products as well as products that have been manufactured using gold. As a metal, gold is virtually indestructible. So make use of it through selling and gaining a handsome amount. Broken jewelry, gold flakes, gold coins, gold sheets, old gold watches and even melted gold count as gold scraps. There are lots of buyers for scrap gold. If you are selling scrap gold, you need to fill up a form and enclose the gold item in a special bag together with the form.

The process of selling

The dealer assesses the value of gold, and then pays you the price. Usually, after the assessment you get an email or a phone call for discussing the price of the scrap gold. If you are satisfied with the amount the dealer is paying you, he/she will send you a check. In case, you are not happy with the price being offered to you then the dealer will return your gold.

Your task

It will do you good if you find the worth of your scrap gold beforehand and manage to get 85% of the price that you denoted. Find the karat of the scrap gold, and then weigh the gold jewelry. If you have measured the weight in grams, convert it into ounces. Your next step will be to surf the internet or go through the local newspaper and find the current price of gold. Then determine the price of your gold. Remember that the price of gold keeps fluctuating according to the demand and supply. So, you have to be quick in contacting the many jewelry stores and online dealers.

As the price of scrap gold changes from day to day, it is essential that you make an agreement with the dealer to accept a fixed price. Many dealers pay only on the receipt of the gold and if the price drops by then, you will be the loser. You should be paid within 24 hours if the company is a reliable one. Sell the scraps of gold and instead gain some good amount of money for that you can spend on your other requirements or emergency needs.

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