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Pool Cleaners

Having a pool at home is certainly a matter of great fun and prestige. However, a lot of maintenance goes into keeping the pool clean. There is no end to the disease-causing germs that can breed in water. Hence, pool sanitation is of utmost importance if you want to enjoy healthy togetherness with your family and friends. Cleaning the pool is definitely a task; but you no longer have to handle it all yourself. Most pool owners today prefer using state-of-the-art pool cleaners to do the task.

You can pick from a large number of automatic pool cleaners available in the market, which include those for in ground and above ground pools. Before purchasing a cleaner that suits your needs, determine:
  • The size of your pool

  • The material it is made of

  • The prevailing climatic conditions

Types of Pool Cleaners
Automatic cleaners are preferred by many to avoid the labour of brushing and scrubbing the pool surfaces. Here are the four basic types of pool cleaners:

  • Return-side driven cleaner – Such cleaners requires tremendous water flow, for which it needs a pump to operate. The cleaner’s locomotion and dirt and debris suction takes place because of the Venturi effect (pressure reduction caused by constrictions in pipe sections). A pressure-driven cleaner is a minor variation of the return-side driven cleaner. In pressure-driven cleaners, water flow is pressurized by a secondary booster pump.

  • Suction-side driven cleaner – These cleaners are attached to a vacuum plate in the skimmer through a 1.5 inch hose. The suction provided by the pump propels the machine forward. Suction-side cleaner picks up dirt and debris from the floor as well as the walls of the pool.

  • Electronic pool cleaners – The main component of this cleaner is a motor block which comprises a drive motor, pump and processor. During the cleaning process, the debris is vacuumed into the filter. After the cleaner is removed from the swimming pool, the filter bags must be washed. The cleaner moves in the pool with the help of wheels or tracks, which is connected to a motor and driven by belts.

  • Robotic cleaners – These cleaners operate with the help of sensors on bump bars. This enables them to pause briefly when they come in contact with walls or other obstructions, and then resume cleaning in the reverse direction.

Cleaners can also be equipped with timers which allow the machine to start and stop operations after a certain period of time. To buy pool supplies and products from the best brands at highly discounted rates, visit www.poolproducts4less.com.

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Baracuda G4 Pool Cleaners - Poolproducts4less.com is a bargain-hunters paradise offering you a complete selection of discount spa and swimming pool supplies and accessories.

Facts about Sta-Rite Cleaners

Sta-rite cleaners are one of the most popular pool filtration systems available in the market. The popularity of the brand is attributed to the high quality, affordable and durable products they offer. These cleaners use an innovative technology for ultra capacity filtration, which is not known in any other brands.


Such cutting-edge features have led to the widespread visibility of these swimming pool cleaners. Online retail stores are also offering Sta-rite products; however, at much cheaper rates than hardware stores. Therefore, many prefer purchasing from online pool supplies stores.


Sta-rite Cleaners: Basic Features

The following are some basic features of Sta-rite cleaners:

  • They are the trendiest suction style pool cleaners.

  • Since these are made of durable materials, they can move through the pool bottom smoothly, without damaging its movable parts.

  • The cleaner uses an oscillating vortex to remove not only the twigs, leaves and pebbles, but also the minutest of dirt particles. This leaves the swimming pool completely free of debris and disease-causing bacteria and fungus.


Sta-rite Cleaners: Care and Cleaning

Follow these steps to dismantle and clean your Sta-rite cleaners:

  • Turn off the circuit breaker of this pool accessory.

  • Remove the pressure from the filter by taking off the air release valve on the top.

  • Drain the cleaner completely

  • Open the filter and take off the clamps from outside

  • Remove the top portion of the filter. While doing this, ensure that the pressure gauge and the air release valve on the top are not damaged.


After dismantling, clean the device carefully.


Sta-rite Cleaners: Types

These pool cleaners come in two types:


Sta-rite Lil’Shark Pool Cleaner – This is an above-ground pool cleaner that can operate in pools with low water force as well. However, this device is not a wall climber. Shark pool cleaners have only one moving part. The unit can be installed within minutes, without using any special tools. Since it runs on the suction produced by the pump and the filter system, it operates automatically whenever the pump is on.


Sta-rite Great White – This device is ideal for in-ground cleaners. A 15” wide cleaning path and well-designed steering mechanism ensures excellent pool coverage. A UniDapt handle, which attaches to a telepole adaptor, is included in the unit for spot clean-ups. This product also comes with a replaceable brush ring.


If you want to purchase these pool maintenance products at the lowest prices, visit the online retailer www.poolproducts4less.com. The website features a range of branded, quality pool products and accessories.

  • Sta Rite Pool Filters - Poolproducts4less.com is a bargain-hunters paradise offering you a complete selection of pool cleaning accessories and supplies.

Above Ground Pool Accessories

An increasing number of people are installing above ground pools, instead of in-ground pools at their homes. The reason being they are comparatively cheaper to install than in-ground ones. There are several above ground pool accessories that can enhance the appeal and attractiveness of your pools.

Above Ground Pool Accessories: Must-Have Options
To keep your pool looking clean and inviting, use the following above ground pool accessories:

Pool liners – Pool liners prevent water from leaking out of the pool. Therefor, no part of the pool should be left uncovered by pool liners. Also, your pool liner must be made of extremely durable plastic materials to prevent water seepage. Vinyl is the most popular material used in manufacturing pool liners. Vinyl pool liners also ensure enhanced utility and protection and are available in a variety of colors.

Vinyl pool liners are available in two types. These differ in terms of head fixing and top trimming finish.
  • Overlap liner – This kind of pool liner hangs over the pool walls and is secured with a clamping method. It is appropriate for above-ground and semi-above ground pools.

  • Beaded liner – Such liners, available in different styles and heights, provide an attractive finish to the pool. They are more expensive than overlap liners.

Pool covers – Covering the pool is imperative in cold countries where temperatures reach freezing point. Under such temperatures, keeping the pool water from freezing is almost impossible. However, pool water temperatures can be kept stable with the help of pool covers.

Filtration system – Bacterial, fungal and algal growth are very common in pool waters, leading to various diseases. Therefore, a proper filtration system is essential to keep the pool clean and the pool water hygienic.

Above ground alarm system – Pool alarm is a vital accessory when there are children in the house. Most children are characteristically erratic. It is highly probable that they may dive into the water, unsupervised, leading to unwarranted situations. To avoid such problems, one must install an alarm system near the pool.

Above Ground Pool Accessories: Optional Ones
Some other above ground pool accessories that can be used to enliven swimming pools are:
  • Pool lights

  • Swimming pool heaters

  • Play accessories like basketball courts

  • Slide, ladder or steps beside the pool

  • Decks and fencing

If you want to purchase attractive, top-quality pool accessories and supplies at the lowest available prices, visit www.poolproducts4less.com.

Poolproducts4less.com is a bargain-hunters paradise offering you a complete selection of pool cleaning accessories and supplies.

More on Pentair Pool Cleaners

Pentair pool cleaners combine effective pool cleaning with simple, convenient usage and durability. Pentair is well-known as the seller of world-class pool accessories and equipment. They also provide a variety of residential and commercial, and in ground and above ground pools. So, if you are planning to purchase a pool or equip them with efficient maintenance units, Pentair is the ideal choice.

Pentair Pool Cleaners: Types

The range of Pentair pool cleaners can be categorized into three:

Robotic cleaners – These are powered by low-voltage electricity, rather than pool or booster pumps. Robotic pool cleaners have in-built filters, which helps reduce the usage of the pool’s main filtration system. This leads to tremendous energy conservation, while also extending the life of the pool pumps and filter, and increasing the time gap between filter cleanings.

Robotic pool cleaners are also convenient to use, since you simply have to plug it in and place it inside your pool. Certain models even have remote controls, with which you can steer the device for spot cleaning from a lounge chair.

Pressure-side cleaners – These are attached to the side of the pool circulation system that returns clean, filtered water. Pressure side pool cleaners are powered by water pressure. They pick up dirt and debris from the pool bottom and collect them in an attached bag. Some models also have in-built hydraulic power plant for extra power.

A particular model of pressure side cleaners, Legend® II pressure-side Automatic Pool Cleaner, provides high energy-saving cleaning performance without using pool pump.

Suction-side cleaners – These cleaners are attached to one of the suction ports in the swimming pool. The suction port pulls the pool water out for filtration. Suction side cleaners are generally attached to the port which skims the water, or a separate vacuum port is installed for operating the cleaner. When the filter pump runs, it creates suction on the underside of the cleaner. The cleaner vacuum cleans the dirt and debris from the pool bottom and empties garbage in the pump strainer and filter through the hose pipe.

Different types of Pentair pool cleaners can be purchased at hardware stores or on the Internet. Since pool equipment and accessories are very expensive, many prefer purchasing these from online retail stores that provide quality products at high discounts. An online store known for offering pool accessories and supplies of the best brands is www.poolproducts4less.com.  Visit the store today and obtain the largest discounts on the best branded products.

Pentair Cleaner - Poolproducts4less.com is a bargain-hunters paradise offering you a complete selection of swimming pool accessories and supplies.




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