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Defence equipment for police and public

People all over the world are increasingly getting concerned about risks of daily living. There is increasing awareness about personal safety and safety of family. One of the many risks, apart from terrorist threats, people are more concerned about is the wide spread of criminal acts. There is not a single day which passes without people falling victim to criminal acts. Rape, murder and theft are commonplace, forcing people to think of self defence since law enforcing police force proves inadequate to control these crimes.

Self defence was the basic need of mankind in the past and now it has become more essential in the prevailing scenario. Different generations have been developing martial arts and self defence weapons for protection from animals, criminals and antisocial elements. The need for protection has led to invention of less-lethal but quite effective self defence products and personal safety devices, such as taser guns, stun guns, police batons, pepper spray and rubber ammunition. The advantage in using these personal safety devices is they don’t kill but disable attacker long enough and provide time to victim for safety.

taser gun is an excellent self-defence weapon that works by firing two electrodes towards attacker using compressed nitrogen. These electrodes are sharp and barbed and pierce easily in clothing and skin, but cannot be removed easily once implanted. Taser gun sends electric charge into the target with the help of fine conductive wires. The target gets disabled due to powerful electric charge that overloads nerves and disables voluntary muscle control. However taser guns don’t cause permanent damage to nerves. Taser guns that form part of police training equipment have longer range and are equally effective like civilian taser guns.

Although taser guns are quite effective, stun guns are more popular weapon for self-defence. A stun gun, designed for close range can be held in hand. Stun guns are electroshock self defence product that has firing range shorter than taser guns, but with distinct provision of firing for more than once.

Stun guns work on rechargeable batteries and are bar-shaped like electric razors, with two exposed electrodes at one end. Activated electrodes are made to touch target’s body causing pain due to severe involuntary contraction of muscles on account of electric current. This helps to startle and discourage opponent from further assault. Fearsome crackling sound produced by stun guns serves as deterrent. This self defence safety product is commonly used by women to thwart any robbery or rape attempt.

Taser guns and stun guns can be easily carried in a jacket pocket or a small bag and are very effective ready to use personal safety devices.

Police batons are one of several self-defence products used by police force. Police batons are either collapsible or expandable. The first police baton was called ‘billy club’ and its inclusion as police training equipment led to evolution of variety of police batons. The most popular police baton is the telescopic steel baton. It has replaced all types of other police batons in the police force and law enforcement agencies.

Expandable batons have a solid tip attached to inner-most shaft’s outer end which lends more power and forceful strike with the baton.

A collapsible police baton is normally carried in extended position by the police force. By just extending a baton, police can intimidate many and deescalate violent situations. These batons are equally useful as civilian self defence equipment.

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