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A cookie commonly refers to thin crunchy or thicker flaky dough which has been baked for a short period of time and generally decorated in a colorful way to fascinate the eyes and taste buds of an individual.


Nowadays we have cookies for nearly all occasions beginning with the baby shower and passing all the way through the life cycle and ending with the after burial lunch. Personalized fortune giant cookies are a wonderful gift to share with your guests in commemoration of your special day. The smell of a freshly baked cookie brings back fond memories. I love cookies and want to enjoy them with a cup of coffee. A cookie is even regarded as great Christmas gift and is bound to be enjoyed far more than any other gift at reasonable price.


Wedding is considered as the most auspicious occasion in ones life. The coming together of two hearts! The occasion demands that every guest has amazing time and mouth watering meal. Selection of wonderful cookies can help you in making the event memorable and mesmerizing for years to come. You can personalize the cookies by monogramming them with the brides and grooms initials.


Well if you are looking for personalized fortune giant cookies for a special occasion then start your search on the internet. There are really some of the great  custom made cookies  in varied designs and flavors available online. You have the choice to design your own cookies from the vast selection of chocolates, sprinkles, candy toppings and themed toppings. You can even personalize them with a special fortune message for your beloved or loved ones. They are great gifts for any holiday or occasion.

My Own Cookie has the perfect custom and personalized fortune cookie  for any occasion and also we offer corporate gifts, gift baskets and of course our unique giant fortune cookies.



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